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So I've taken to copying various sayings and quotes that amuse or interest me for whatever reason. I'm just going to drop them here in no particular order. I don't always know the origin of a quote, so please forgive me for not always including the author.

I don't play Sisters of Battle, I play Sisters of Bitter. They are almost like Sisters of Battle, but rather than using Act of Faith, they use Act of Spite : they infuse their weapons (and whatever the Celestians are supposed to use in close combat, I guess their lipstick or something) with all their resentment for being the most neglected army still present in the setting. 

Actually that was given to me by the same coworker after I explained my Ninja Turtle Life Philosophy. When you're young, it's easy to like Raphael because he's edgy and rebellious But as you get older, you realize he was just an emo whiner, and you'd rather be smart like Donatello, a good leader like Leonardo, or just laid back and happy like Michelangelo. 

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